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Boardwalk Badness Weekend 2014

Party List

As you know guys, we are all heading down to the Boardwalk Badness Weekend party this week. To keep you updated on other events as well though, we are adding the following party to the list of upcoming spanking parties.

Texas All-State Spanking Party

June 14-17, 2012

Come enjoy some “warm” Southern hospitality here in Dallas Texas, for the 13th Annual Texas All-State Spanking Party. Celebrities, banquets, Suite Parties, a vendor fair, the Sarah Gregory Naughty Schoolgirls Party, the Naughty Boys party, including some of the Scene’s most famous Dommes, two Dark Parties for you BDSMer-types, comedy, games, icebreakers, and all the spankings you could handle for four straight days.

Latest Video Shoot

Here is an adorable picture from our latest video shoot, “College Days”.  How cute are these girls?  We had a blast filming and the movie turned out awesome.  We’ll be releasing it and screening it at Boardwalk Badness Weekend. 


Beach Fantasy

Strictly Spanking Network presents the spanking event of the year, Boardwalk Badness Weekend 2012.  For more information, and to fill out an application please visit our party page.  There are limited spots available, so don’t miss out.  Make your fantasy a reality.

Boardwalk Badness Weekend Priority Registration and Hotel Info – April 27-29, 2012

First thing’s first … Boardwalk Badness Weekend, which will be the weekend of April 27–29, 2012, will be hosted at a new amazing hotel!!! Last year’s hotel raised room rates to over $200 per night. With this economy, we felt this big rate jump would prevent some of our members from being able to attend.
 So we went searching for an alternative and found an absolutely amazing hotel/casino on the Atlantic City Boardwalk at a great rate.

 (Approved applicants will be sent the hotel group rate booking 

Rooms for Boardwalk Badness

The new place is incredible, and all of us organizers are so excited
 because, with all the amenities the hotel has to offer, this 
is going to allow us to take our weekend party to a whole new level!

 The rooms are bigger and more plush. The gorgeous ballroom is huge, which will
 allow us to have an even bigger private curtained area for play
 without leaving the party area on both Friday and Saturday nights.
 Our Thursday early registration, Friday Meet n Greet, Complimentary
Breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday, our complimentary lunch
 on Saturday, and Saturday’s Popcorn and A Movie will be held in various restaurants
 and banquet rooms in the hotel with views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
Breakfast at BBW

Jules is busy creating more hilarious videos, which we will show
at the Vendors Fair on Friday night and at our “Popcorn and a Movie”
screening on Saturday afternoon. This will be a debut of a 
feature-length, hot F/ffff film by Strictly Spanking Videos.

 We will also be showing last year’s funny videos at the Meet N Greet
 on Friday afternoon.

Strictly Spanking Videos

Our Saturday morning “A Religious Experience at Tanner Reformatory”
 show in the Main Ballroom will be something you will never forget.
 In addition to the Bad Boys Punished event and Switch Party on Saturday afternoon,
 we will also be having a “Uniformed Male Top Extravaganza”
 for female bottoms with a “man in uniform” fantasy.
 At the party on Saturday night in the Main Ballroom, we will be
 having a “Dancing With the Spanking Stars” competition.

Uniformed Men at Spanking Party

Rather than me going on and on about the weekend, go check it out for yourself. Remember: last year sold out early, and we expect a quick sell
out again. So get your applications in right away. 
Last year’s attendees will have priority registration until December 1, 2011. 
If you have attended a Boardwalk Badness event, you can secure your spot by applying here.

you have any questions email me.

See you in Atlantic City!!!

—Coach Mike Tanner


Who Dat Bottom Week 6

Prefectdt won again last week!  Last week’s bottom belonged to the lovely Davina.

Check out this week’s pic and tell us who that lovely bottom belongs to.  Good luck!

Coach Mike Tanner 


Strictly Spanking Round Table Discussion Podcast – Part 5

Welcome to episode five of the Strictly Spanking Videos roundtable discussion. You can catch the earlier episodes by clicking on any of the following links, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

In today’s episode the team covers a variety of topics relating to scene awareness, problems that they have encountered, and even situations they have been in themselves. This is a very lively discussion with veterans of the spanking scene.

Ten members of the Strictly Spanking New York party team take part in the discussion, including, Mike Tanner, Jules, Mike Stein and Richard Windsor.

Question for the Strictly Spanking Team — Week 3

“This question is for either Mike. I’m a female bottom, and I only play privately. My experiences so far have been simply okay. I’m very honest about the kind of play that I’m interested in, but I want to be more specific. I’m afraid of insulting the top. How much is too much? As a top, do you hate when women tell you how they like to be spanked? As far as pace, intensity, lecture content etc…? I don’t want to top from the bottom but I also want to enjoy my experience. What are your thoughts and/or suggestions on that matter?

Lynn, Boston, MA

A.  Thanks for the question, Lynn. It is all about communication before playing. I see nothing wrong with you telling a top your wants or needs for a satisfying play session. It is to be enjoyed equally by both parties.

Communicating before playing is not topping from the bottom. Speaking for myself, I find it easier when I know what the bottom prefers or is expecting from a play session.

How much is too much?  In my opinion, being too specific and scripting the entire play session might be too much. Tops; play styles vary, but with prior communicating and knowing your wants and limits, there should be no problem having a mutually enjoyable scene.  With both parties satisfied. Good luck with future encounters. I wish you well.

Mike Stein  : )

Who Dat Bottom Week 5

We have two winners this week!!! Prefectdt and Will Tu Sting both correctly named Leia Ann Woods as the beautiful bottom in last week’s photo.

Check out this week’s pic and send in your answer. For hints, you can check out our video spanking models. Good Luck!!!

Guess that spanking model's name


Coach Mike Tanner 

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