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Sore Loser

By Jules Tanner

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Juliette. Jules, as her family called her, was very precocious. She had a sharp tongue that sometimes got her into trouble. One Saturday evening her parents had a dinner party. Jules was so excited to hear that her favorite Uncle was planning to come, Uncle Richard. She had a very special relationship with him, and he was by far one of the funniest people she knew. He always made her laugh. He would tease her, and Jules would give it right back to him…Uncle Richard loved her feisty side. However, this particular Saturday evening, Jules took the teasing a little too far.

That night, Jules wanted to play UNO. She loved beating Uncle Richard at games, and he loved to let her, pretending to be sorely disappointed each time. However, Uncle Richard got distracted and accidentally won the first round. He began poking fun at Jules as he always does, but Jules didn’t like losing. Before she could stop herself, she yelled in front of the whole room full of people, “Shut up, Asshole!”

Everyone got silent. Jules knew immediately that she crossed a line, but it was too late to take it back. Her Daddy gave her a look she’ll never forget. Jules knew she was in trouble. He didn’t say a word. He simply walked over to her, took her hand, and walked her up the steps. Jules’ head hung low. Her Daddy led her into her room, and said, “Get to bed now, young lady.”

Jules hadn’t even had dessert yet, but she knew better than to argue.

“You and I will discuss this tomorrow,” he said. Then he walked out of the room and shut the door.

Jules stood frozen in her room. She wanted to cry. She knew what “discuss” meant. It meant she was going to get a spanking. Her tummy started turning. That night Jules had trouble sleeping. All she thought about was the spanking she was going to get, and she became more and more anxious.

The next morning Jules woke up extra early and very quietly got ready for school. She tiptoed down the steps and out the door. She didn’t even have breakfast. The whole day Jules tried hard to forget about the trouble she was in, and when school went to the park to play soccer with some of her friends. She tried convincing herself that everything was okay. Maybe her dad had forgotten. Maybe his anger died down. Maybe she wasn’t going to get a spanking.

The Moment of Reckoning

Just then her phone rang. It was him. She hesitated to answer, but she knew she had to.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said in her cutest, sweetest voice.

“Juliette…get home right now.”

Jules was silent.

“Do you hear me, young lady?” he said.

“Yes, Daddy,” Jules replied quietly before hanging up the phone.

The walk home was the longest walk in her life. She wanted to run away, but she knew he would find her, and it would be worse. She walked as slowly as she could, but her front door got closer and closer. Her Daddy was waiting on the step for her. He had a stern look on his face. She walked to her Daddy and looked up at him. He looked so big to her. She bowed her head, and her little mouth developed a frown.

“I want you in this house every day after school for a week. Do you understand?”

Jules nodded.

“Now get inside,” he said.

Jules couldn’t believe it. Maybe she wasn’t going to get spanked. Maybe being grounded after school was her punishment. She scurried inside as fast as she could. But just when her hand hit the doorknob, her dad added, “We’re not finished, young lady. You’ve earned yourself a spanking, and when Daddy thinks it’s time, you’re going to get it.”

Jules just stared at the door. She couldn’t move.

“Inside young lady. You have homework,” he ordered.

Jules opened the door and went inside. Her face was pale. What does he mean, when he decides? she mused restlessly. Anticipating a spanking is almost as bad as the spanking itself. Her Daddy knew that. She would have to worry every minute of every day, not knowing when her spanking was going to happen.

And she did. For two days Jules walked on eggshells around the house. She couldn’t eat, sleep, or play. Her mommy felt so sorry for her. She hated seeing her so nervous, but she understood that was part of the punishment. She wanted to get her mind of it, so she decided to take Jules to work for her for the day. Jules would sometimes help her mommy at the office. She loved it. It made her feel so grownup. And she was relieved to get out of the house. It was a good day. She even forgot about her upcoming spanking. Until the phone rang. She looked down at her cell phone, and it said Daddy.

Or So She Thought … Till Now

With a desperate look she glanced at her mommy. “Pick it up honey,” her mom said in a calm voice.

Jules wanted to cry. Why couldn’t she just let it ring?

“Get it over with, Honey,” her mommy said.

Jules answered the phone. Her Daddy’s voice was on the other end. “Get home right now, young lady. It’s time for your spanking.”

Jules gulped. A huge knot formed in her belly. Jules’ mommy promised her that she would be waiting with hugs when it was over, and she promised to take her for ice cream. The two of them left the office. Jules’ eyes filled with tears during the car ride home. They pulled up in front of the house and Jules stared at the front door.

“Daddy’s waiting,” her mom said. Jules got out of the car and just stood at the curb.

“It’s okay, sweetie. Daddy loves you. Remember that.”

With that, her mommy slowly drove away. She hated listening to Jules get spanked. She knew that if she stayed in the house she would try to stop it, which would only make it worse. Jules was left standing in front of the house, alone, terrified to go in. Her belly was fluttering, and her knees were shaking.

She slowly walked up the steps of the house and opened the door. The house was unusually quiet. Her Daddy was in his office sitting at his desk. She heard him typing at his computer. Just then she heard him call, “Juliette…get in here.” She slowly walked to him. He looked up at her and said, “Sit your bottom down in that chair, young lady.”

Jules sat in the high chair, the very chair that her Daddy was going to spank her on.

He continued to type. She noticed some neighborhood boys playing ball in the yard behind the house. Jules panicked. What if they hear me getting spanked? I’ll never live it down, she worried. She closed her eyes and wished for her Daddy to close the windows.

Just then he stood up, looked at her, and in a firm voice proceeded to scold her. He told her that she represents this family and such disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

Jules’ hung her head low. She was ashamed.

He then told her to stand up, then walked over to her, sat in the high chair, and pulled Jules to him. Her lip quivered. “Oh no,” he said. “Don’t you dare cry. I’ll tell you when you can cry.” With that, he lifted up, and draped her over his knee.

Jules dangled helplessly over his lap. She felt so small. She squirmed knowing what was about to happen.

“Daddy is going to give you a spanking you will never forget.” With that, he lifted her skirt, and delivered the first hard spank over her panties. He continued to spank her, lecturing her the entire time and being respectful and using naughty language. “You will NEVER EVER behave in a disrespectful manner again! Do you understand me young lady?”

“Yes, Daddy!” Jules cried out. The spanking got harder and harder. Jules whimpered and squirmed. “I’m sorry Daddy.” She squealed.

“You’re not sorry yet, but you will be,” he declared. Just then, he pulled her panties down and began spanking her even harder on her bare bottom. Jules squealed as the first smack hit. The palm of his hand smacking against her bare skin was stingy beyond her wildest dreams. She begged and pleaded for him to stop. “I’ll stop when I think you’ve learned your lesson young lady.” He said.

Each smack became increasingly harder. Jules was kicking and screaming, “Daddy please! I’m sorry!”

Smack…smack…smack….her daddy continued despite her begging. Jules bottom was getting redder and redder. Smack…smack…smack…smack…Tears began streaming down from Jules face, but that didn’t stop her Daddy. He kept spanking her harder and harder. “You, young lady, are in for a big girl spanking today. It’s long overdue, Juliette.”

Jules knew what that meant. “No, Daddy! Please!”

And with that her Daddy pulled his hand up as high as he could and brought it down HARD on Jules’ bottom. The sound echoed throughout the house. Jules looked up at the windows and wondered if the boys could hear her being spanked, but her concern was fleeting and soon overpowered by sheer pain. All she could focus on was the fire igniting on her bottom.

He continued to spank Jules with the same intensity for several minutes. Jules was wiggling so violently that he reached down and firmly held her waist. “You will take your punishment like a big girl. You earned it, didn’t you, young lady?’

“Yes, Daddy!” Jules yelled out through her tears. The spanking went on and on. Jules thought it would never end. Her Daddy delivered the last five final blows, and the spanking was over.

The rug below Jules’ face was wet from her tears. He lifted her off his lap and placed her in the corner. Jules’ bottom looked like a bright red apple. “You stand here and think about what I said. And don’t think you’re done, young lady. You’re not.” Jules stood still trying to catch her breath. He walked out of the room.

Jules stood with her nose in the corner, her tears drying on her cheek and her bottom throbbing. She reached back to feel, and it felt as warm as the ground on a hot summer day. She couldn’t help rubbing. She stood there wondering what else her Daddy had in store for her. She heard his footsteps in the other room. She started to fidget growing more and more anxious.

Round Two

Suddenly the sound of his footsteps grew louder and louder. He was coming. Jules straightened up and stood very still. She heard him enter the room. He walked toward her and stood directly behind her.

“Juliette,” he said, “turn around.”

Jules did exactly as she was told.
“The first part of your punishment was for being disrespectful to your Uncle. This next part is for using such fowl language. What I should do is wash your mouth out with soap. But I think this will have more of an impact.”

Just then Jules’ Daddy unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled it through the loops of his pants. Jules eyes grew wide and the swishing sound that the belt made as it was coming off made her stomach drop. She looked down at the floor and began to sob.

“Don’t you dare cry young lady. It’s not time to cry yet.”

Jules held back her whimpers and stood silently. Her Daddy had never used his belt on her before. She was terrified.

“Now, bend over that chair, and put that bottom up in the air.” Jules reluctantly did as her Daddy said. She draped herself over the high chair with her bottom sticking straight up. Her Daddy stood behind her. She clenched the legs of the chair and braced herself. “The next time I hear you use language like that—” he started … THWACK! The belt cracked against Jules’ bottom. Jules let out a high pitched squeal so loud that it made every dog in the neighborhood bark … “I will wash that mouth out with soap, and you’ll get a spanking every day for the next month. Is that clear?”

“Yesss…Daddy” Jules cried.

THWACK! The belt came down again.

“Owwwwww,” Jules yelled squirming in her spot.


“Owwwwww… I’m sorry!”

“You will never disgrace our family again with that language. Is that clear?”


“Yessssss!” Jules cried.

The sound of the belt striking her bottom was almost as horrifying as the sting it left behind.


“I’m sor..sor…sorry Da..ddy!” Jules cried out struggling to catch her breath. Tears were streaming down her face, her body was shaking, and her bottom was burning, but her Daddy didn’t stop.


“Owwwwwwww!” she cried.

He was determined to make his point. “You will write your Uncle Richard an apology. Is that clear?”


“YES, DADDY!” Jules responded.

“And you will tell him exactly what you got today for being disrespectful. Is that clear?”

Jules was mortified. She couldn’t do that. That would be humiliating. “Daddy…please!”


“Owwwwwww!” Jules began crying so hard she could hardly talk. She dropped her bottom to the floor.

“Get that bottom back up in the air, young lady. When I tell you to do something I want to hear, ‘Yes, Daddy’ and nothing else. Do you understand me?”


“Owwww…Y..ess, Da…ddy!”

Jules tried desperately to catch her breath while wiping tears from her eyes. He delivered three more stinging blows.

“Now, stand up,” her Daddy said.

Jules did as she was told.

Her Daddy stood in front of her, put his hand under her chin, and lifted her face. Her eyes were swollen and bloodshot. Streaks of tears covered her skin. She was panting. “Daddy loves you, baby. Too much to let you get away with that behavior.”

Jules started crying harder.

“I want everyone to see my sweet, beautiful little girl, the little girl that I am proud to call mine. You understand?”

Jules nodded.

Her Daddy took her by the hand and walked her over to his high chair. He sat in it and pulled Jules to him. He lifted her up onto his lap and began to rock her. “Who loves you the most?” he said.

“My Daddy,” Jules answered in between little sobs.

“That’s right,” he said. “And don’t you ever forget it.”

“I won’t,” Jules whispered as she hugged him tighter. Jules’ Daddy rocked her for a quite a while. Jules was so drained she fell asleep in his arms. Her Daddy carried her up to her bed so she could sleep.

Later that day, Jules’ mommy took her out for ice cream just as she had promised.

The next morning Jules sat gingerly and wrote a full letter of apology to her Uncle Richard. She told him about the spanking she had gotten the day before. It was the most embarrassing thing she ever had to do. But from that day forward Jules never uttered a word of disrespect to another adult again.

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